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Thesaurus FrenchCropUsage (FCU)

FrenchCropUsage is a french thesaurus of types of crops, organized according to their destination (direct human food, animal feed, food industry, etc) and the type of culture system (field crop, market gardening, etc.). This thesaurus represents the French point of view. It is based on the definition of "Larousse Agricole" and french agricol wikipedia. some links to these sources are included in the thesaurus. This thesaurus is described on AgroPortal and FAIRsharing.

DOI CROPUSAGE; French Crop Usage; DOI: 10.25504/FAIRsharing.9228fv; Last edited: May 21, 2018, 3:59 p.m.; Last accessed: May 28 2018 1:55 p.m.



The thesaurus is available on the Agroportal repository

Thesaurus Visualization

FrenchCropUsage has several versions

The version created during the D2KAB project (2019-2023) is available at

Access to SPARQL End Point

Latest version (D2KAB research project)

SPARQL resquests can be done on It can be accessed with a SPARQL client or with a web browser.

Query example

List of 100 concepts from FCU thesaurus:

SELECT ?concept WHERE  {
    ?concept a skos:Concept.
} LIMIT 100

List of concepts from FCU thesaurus which label starts with the word "culture :

SELECT ?concept ?label
      ?concept a skos:Concept.
      ?concept skos:prefLabel ?label.
      FILTER REGEX(?label, "^culture")

List of concepts from FCU thesaurus child of vegetable crop:

SELECT DISTINCT ?concept ?label ?parentLabel
  ?concept a skos:Concept.
  ?concept skos:broader* fcu:Cultures_legumieres.
  ?concept skos:prefLabel ?label.
  ?concept skos:broader ?parent .
  ?parent skos:prefLabel ?parentLabel.
} ORDER BY ?parentLabel

How many concepts are in FCU thesaurus?

  ?concept a skos:Concept.

List the plants that are declared as having multiple usages in the FCU thesaurus :

SELECT ?concept
    ?concept a skos:Concept.
    fcu:Plantes_cultures_ambigues skos:member ?concept.

or :

SELECT ?concept
   ?concept a skos:Concept.
   fcu:Multi_usages skos:narrower ?concept.


Frenchcropusage thesaurus had many evolutions since Vespa project. The triplestore contains some of them. Each version has its own GRAPH, named by its version number. For example, fcu:3.0 is the name of the GRAPH conatining the version 3.0 of frenchcropusage.

The defult GRAPH contains the last version of the thesaurus.

Sample queries on differents versions of the thesaurus

Available versions :


Number of concepts per version :

  ?concept a skos:Concept

Informations about the version 2.2 of the thesaurus :

SELECT ?property ?value WHERE {
GRAPH fcu:2.2 {
  ?onto a owl:Ontology ;
    ?property ?value.

fcu:Panais concept as it was in version 2.0 of the thesaurus :

SELECT ?property ?value WHERE {
GRAPH fcu:2.0 {
  fcu:Panais ?property ?value

fcu:Panais concept as it is in the latest version of the thesaurus :

SELECT ?property ?value WHERE {
  fcu:Panais ?property ?value

Access to git

Different version of fcu are available on the irstea gitlab repository

Thesaurus Development Tips

SPARQL queries set has been defined to test some constraints about thesaurus.

C. ROUSSEY, S. BERNARD. Améliorer la qualité d’un thésaurus à l’aide de requêtes SPARQL. In french workshop proceedings Recherche d'Information SEmantique (RISE 2017) adossé à la conférence IC 2017 de la Plateforme Francophone d'Intelligence Artificielle, 4 juillet 2017, Caen, 11 pages. Rise 2017 proceedings

@inproceedings{roussey_ameliorer_2017, address = {Caen}, title = {Am{\'e}liorer la qualit{\'e} d{\textquoteright}un th{\'e}saurus {\`a} l{\textquoteright}aide de requ{\^e}tes {SPARQL}}, url = {}, booktitle = {les actes du 9es atelier {Recherche} d'{Information} {SEmantique} ({RISE} 2017)}, author = {Roussey, Catherine and Bernard, Stephan}, month = jul, year = {2017}, pages = {11} }

The verification of thesaurus constraints gives the list of constraints and their translation into SPARQL queries

Add a new Crop in FCU

two possibilities :

Deprecated version Vespa project

The version created during the vespa project (2013- 2016) of FrenchCropUsage thesaurus is visible in different ways:

  • dynamic version: The thesaurus hierarchy can be extended or retracted to facilitate navigation. A query is automatically generated to query the archive of agricultural bulletin when cliking on (a).
  • static version: This version presents the whole hierarchy. This version was created using the tool skos play from Sparna (Thomas Francart). We encourage you to build a dynamic version of the thesaurus using skos play
  • version dévelopment: This version is adapted to development and update. This is a static visualization showing the element that invalid constraints. This version works on a test thesaurus containing errors. This visualization is produced by corese engine, sparql queries and STTL templates.

This version of the thesaurus can be quieried in the sparql endoint sing the GRAPH fcu:2.0.

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