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Gold Standard and Agronomic Taxon

Agronomic Taxon

Created by Irstea. This ontology is modular. A first module called "Agronomic Taxon core" stores taxon terms of scientific nomenclature. It is based on skos vocabulary, linnean taxonomy ODP, classification ODP and some part of AOS ontology of the FAO. The module was enriched by specialising taxonomic relationship . Taxon ranks are linked to their agrovoc concepts. Some disjoint axioms between ranks were added. The licence is CC BY 4.0.

Gold Standard

Manually built by Catherine Roussey, inspired byé. Each species proposed into the wheat species table have been validated with European Wheat data base The taxon name and its ranking was firstly validated with the use of taxref reference table from INPN. NCBI's taxonomy have been used when not found in taxref. Then links to agrovoc's thesaurus, NAL and CABI Have been added. Links to ITIS database have been added, and also the links to DBpedia. Be warned : DBpedia contains two missing species :triticum zhukovsyi and triticum compactum erinaceum which are not in taxref. triticum zhukovsyi is in European Wheat data base. Links to TAXREF-LD have also been added.

The licence is CC BY 4.0.


The triplestore can be queried, from a web browser to, or directly with a sparql client to



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